Catalysts for Global Change

In order to promote global biodiversity and sustainable land use, Community Conservation catalyzes, facilitates, and empowers local people to manage and conserve natural resources within the social, cultural, and economic context of their communities and facilitates widespread, global adoption of community-based conservation


about Community Conservation

Community conservation is one solution to climate change, deforestation & loss of biodiversity

  • It is sustainable – 96% of our 25 projects are on-going, some for 23-30 years

  • Our partners protect over 1.25 million acres

  • Wildlife increased in 52% of the projects

  • 72% of the projects created 44 new community groups to protect their forests

  • 44% created 22 new protected areas

  • In 48% villagers actively patrol and protect forests

  • 16% showed conservation contagion adding new protected areas

  • In addition to our work, there are 1000s of undocumented successful international projects


CC Celebrates 25 Years of Conservation Success. Join the Celebration!

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